Best setup for an Apple man?

Hello fellow Microsoft folks! I've been a long time Apple man, but recently been kinda bored of the ecosystem. So, I'm considering going to the enemy, but I need some advices. My current setup is a Macbook Air (2012 model, with 13" display) and an iPhone 5. This is pretty much what I need of a Microsoft ecosystem too, because I'm a student, and on the fly big amounts of my time. Most of my work on my Mac is document editing (school) and coding Java (I'm developing on my spare time). I do not do big amounts of gaming, only Minecraft now and then. I want a recommend on a laptop and a phone. My hardware relateded needs: Laptop: SSD. Minimum 13" display. A good trackpad and keyboard. Nice design (I'm very fan of the Chromebook Pixel) Phone: Good screen. Minimum 32 GB. I'm considering Lumia 920. Thank you. :)