Feedly , as google reader client

Google retiring google reader is already a old news on the reader,which made me think about looking for alternatives.

I am heavy user of google reader and sync the articles across different machines,this made me to hunt for a service which supports multi platform/device which ended with using Feedly

Migration from Google reader to Feedly

With the announcement from Google,Feedly was prepared to receive new users and announced the same publicly.The migration includes only logging in with existing google id and authorising the application.

The option to have all the starred articles to be imported in addition to the subscription was a big deal for me,i have around 700+ articles starred in google reader.

Also,Feedly supports two-way sync with reader until the service closes on July.

Using Feedly

Feedly is available on mobile as native apps for Android and Ios,as web app in chrome for Mac and windows.

Both versions have almost all the options as in google reader and in some cases more like the different views to consume the articles.Most used features like tagging,saving the articles etc are also available.It has an option to use Instapaper or Pocket for saving the articles.

Also,this blog post has all the information needed on using the service.

So, i recommend all the reader users give feedly a try.My only doubt remains,whether Feedly can handle the traffic/data once the google reader completely closes in July.

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