Why i am moving from Wp8 to Android?by a Microsoft Guy

Found this blog post from a Microsoft Guy,most of the points looks valid and they are not good for the WP8

Why I stopped compromising with Windows Phone 8 and moved to Android

Posted on March 19, 2013 by Jeremy Thake

Got your attention did it…yes I am a Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP and work with Microsoft technology day in day out, but that doesn’t mean I have to stick to Microsoft for everything. I have used Windows OS machines since switching from Mac OS, due to helping run my fathers graphic design studio, when I left college to do a degree in Computer Science at University in London that required it. I pushed myself to use Windows Mobile in its “glory days” and had devices such as the ATOM, HTC Tytn II and various other devices. The apps never were any good, music integration was awful and the hardware always was enormous and clunky. I switched to an iPhone 3GS after pre-ordering a iPod Touch when they first came out and loving the OS. I then switched back to Windows Phone when I arrived in New York 2 years ago…hoping for the OS to be there….here is why I am yet again switching off Windows Mobile OS to try Google’s Android Mobile OS for the first time. Why not back to iOS? Nothing has changed on that OS since I stopped using it 2 yars ago and Google Glass is coming…

What I didn’t like


Windows Phone 8 has plenty of apps now but I must admit after spending only 2 hours with my Android device, I’m finding the quality, features and speed of the apps is so much better on the Android.

The Good

  • SharePoint Newsfeed – this is probably one of the nicest built social apps I’ve used on WP8 so good work to the team on that!
  • Twitter – since the update recently this app is FLYING and feels much like iOS version of the app rather than WP8 feel
  • MyTrips – the only way to consume TripIt information thanks to a ex-Microsofty and good mate Chris Johhson…AWESOME APP!
  • Weather Channel
  • WhatsApp
  • ESPN – sports alerts are a start for my NHL needs

The Bad

  • Spotify – it’s there finally on WP8…but try fast forwarding a song or skipping to a certain part of the song…you can’t do it. Again shows the lack of features in WP8 version as an example.
  • Facebook – one of the slowest apps on the device…whoever fixed the twitter app needs to get to this one ASAP
  • Foursquare – this app was originally dead slow…had some tweaks but still no where near as good as 4th & Mayor, which still isn’t as good as other OS’s
  • OneNote – was good for text entry but wish I could have drawn on my screen like I can with Note 2 in S-Notes etc.
  • LinkedIn – a lot of features missing from other OS’s

The Ugly

  • Skype – I never did get background skype working well
  • Xbox Music – I’m hearing a lot of people giving up on Xbox Music not just in WP8 but also in Windows 8 due to things like Playlists not syncing across and the metro interface simply not being usable.
  • WordPress – good start but again more of a “me too” than a functional app
  • Yammer – this app is so slow it’s not even funny compared to other OS’s
  • Yelp – a major amount of features missing in this

Missing APPS

In general there are quite a few apps missing, I got sick of seeing TV ads and NYC subway ads about “Available now on Apple and Android devices” with no mention of Windows Phone…in some cases already companies are hedging bets on Blackberry over Windows Phone which seems a little bold. Just a small sample of those that I was looking for:

  • Feedly – especially now Google Reader is going away!
  • FlipBoard – AWESOME app!
  • FitBit – for syncing my FitBit One
  • GTalk
  • GrubHub – for ordering take out
  • Instagram – pictures…still don’t understand why that isn’t there!!!
  • NHL Live Center – all my hockey needs
  • Optimum – my cable company allows me to watch TV on the go and schedule my DVR…no sign of Windows Phone 8 app…
  • Pinterest – major trending and have interesting on how its being used
  • Pulse – love this newsreader
  • SnapChat – yep it’s the new trend
  • SmugMug – an official one as the one in the store is very poor
  • GAMES GAMES GAMES – I have a PlayStation Vita so not my bag…but I hear this a lot.

Windows Phone 8 sync story

Well with Windows 8 the sync story has got a little better around backing up devices etc. but it’s not as good as what iOS used to provide me. If you get a new device that is different hardware you are essentially screwed and can’t restore. I’ve been through a Lumia 900 and a 920 and had to start over…Exchange Sync only gets you so far.

Notification system

After using the Android notifications page for a week now, I’m not sure I could go back to WP8 where notifications just don’t work in the same manner and hard to keep track of. I love being able to see in one screen email notifications, twitter updates, facebook updates, sms messages, etc. and click to jump into context or swipe to remove.

Peak Mode

A feature from my Windows Mobile days of collecting email in certain time frames….just found out this is in Android out of box.

Toggle Off

I love the ability to turn off wifi, switch on airplane model or battery saving without having to jump into settings then all the options…things are just at a better reach in Android.

Group SMS

That feature never seemed to work well for me, often got confusing unthreaded sms’s from people.

Office Hub

I do like the concept of the Office Hub, but to be honest I never used it as if I want to read a Word doc or PowerPoint I’m going to do it on a device I can actually see it in

What I did like


I love the tile notifications but the reality is most of the apps I’d like it to work for such as Facebook, Twitter STILL don’t work properly and both iOS and Android have notifications on number of unread emails already anyway and you can get “Widgets” for Calendaring for Android and other apps that support them.


I’m heavy into social so I did like the me tile that integrates into Facebook, Twitter etc. But I must admit that I do prefer the apps that are there for Android in terms of speed etc.

Microsoft ID

I love the way that when I log into the phone with my Microsoft ID it shows me similar things to what I get when I log into Windows 8. Now I know Microsoft Blue project is taking this even further which is definitely a step in the right direction. Although I’ve noticed already that Google does tie into a lot of their apps and roams across devices much the same with things like Google Drive etc.


Hats off to Nokia for their Lumia builds, but I’m loving the Samsung Note 2 and accessories that are available compared ot WP8 phones

Wrap Up

I must admit, after a week with Android and the Note 2 device itself…I’m extremely happy and not sure I could go back unless they deliver on my concerns above. The Windows 8 + Xbox + WP8 story is compelling but it’s not enough to keep me there. This isn’t the first attempt Microsoft have had at phones…I guess I was expecting too much from them.

I also noticed that a few other high profile SharePoint community members have also switched back to iOS in the community such as Joel Oleson early this week….would love to hear what they have to say.