Apple announcements before WWDC?

So here's what we know so far:

  • OS X 10.9 is being tested. Systems identified as running 10.9 have been tracked on various websites since November.
  • Apple is expected to release new OS X versions annually, but they never confirmed they will be exactly 1 year appart like it's the case with iOS updates.
  • OS X 10.8's first Developer Preview was released on February 16th last year.
  • If Apple still plans to demo 10.9 at WWDC and release it later during the summer, they have to release a Developper Preview before that. Roughly 1 month isn't enough for developers to test their apps (and beta test the OS itself) before a public launch. Remember that the Golden Master is also usually ready a few weeks before launch, so the version they showed at WWDC last year was almost final.
  • Apple sends out invitations for special events at least 1 week in advance, but Jim Dalrymple usually confirms ("Yep"s) it way before that.
  • Historically, Apple never does 2 special events less than a month appart to announce different products. In the last few years, the closest announcements have been the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini, announced 41 days apart.
  • Apple probably wouldn't organize an event just to announce OS X 10.9 and release a Developer Preview, they would probably use it to announce other Mac-related stuff. It could be a new iWork, a new Mac Pro, a new Thunderbolt Display, and possibly new Pro applications (Logic Pro X?).

Assuming Jim Dalrymple doesn't "Yep" anything this year, and that no event is planned for next week or 41 days before WWDC, that leaves us with the time frame of between March 28th and May 1st for such an even to happen, meaning it would most likely happen in April.

The most probable scenarios are:

  1. Apple holds a special event in April. They invite the press a week in advance, announce OS X 10.9, release its Developer Preview, and possibly announce new cool stuff (Mac Pro, TBD, new Mac software, new ATV...).
  2. Apple announces OS X 10.9 siltently on their website and release a Developer Preview. No new hardware is announced until WWDC.
  3. Apple doesn't announce nothing until WWDC. OS X 10.9's DP is released at WWDC. Public release is planned for Fall rather than Summer, which could leave space for a summer iPhone 5S release, like some rumors suggest.

Thoughts? What do you think is the most likely to happen?

For reference, 2012 announcements that took place before WWDC:

  • Apple Education Event: iBooks 2, new iTunes U, iBooks Author for Mac
  • Messages for Mac Beta, new AirPort Utility.
  • OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Gatekeeper preview for Lion.
  • 3rd generation Apple TV, 1080p movies on iTunes.
  • 3rd generation iPad, iPhoto for iPad

Apple hasn't announced anything so far this year.