Google Keep officially launched today after a leak earlier in the week, and it appears Google may have something else coming for Android users as well. Droid Life has a look at a redesigned version of the Google Play app, which lists a version number of 4.0.16. Functionally it appears to be the same as the current version, though it features a clean, streamlined layout with an emphasis on larger images — a look that shares the same aesthetic sensibility as Google Now. Unfortunately, there's no mention within the app of the recently-rumored subscription News section.

Certain pages in the app don't load, so we don't have a complete picture of what the new app will look like (of course, it's also not clear if this is a ready-for-shipping build or the result of some previous design test or other experiment). That said, Google I/O is just around the corner — and we're sure Mountain View has more than a few surprises in store.