The Linux Challenge - Ubuntu - First Impressions

So I recently posted a post on this section of the Verge asking for people favorite Linux distribution. The purpose of this was to find out which distro I would like to try out in what I call the "Linux Challenge." The Linux Challenge is a challenge I have set up where I try out a Linux distro, and live on it for seven days. Every day I post a post on the Verge describing the progress and opinions on the distro I have been trying. Today is day one of my Ubuntu challenge. I would like to post my first impressions.

So it has not been a complete 24 hours since I have switched over to Ubuntu, however I do have some first impressions. First thing I did was install Chromium. Well, my first word was wow. Chromium is extremely fast and helpful. I don't know if it is Ubuntu or Chromium but really fast. It could also be my computer that is making Chrome on Windows run so slow. Chromium looks good and feels just like Chrome, but faster.

The second thing I did with Ubuntu was customize it. I found an extremely large amount of icons on the task bar, of sorts, on the left, so I took some of them off. I added a custom background to it so it fitted me. after I did this I really began to see how Ubuntu, or Linux rather, is a full fledged OS. I also downloaded a couple other apps. I tried Mixxx out, downloaded Scratch, etc.

Then there are the pre-installed apps. Although most of them were pretty good, one I wasn't necessarily impressed with was Libre Office. Although I can see how it is very useful, I could not find anything that makes it unique over something like Microsoft Office. I mainly use Google Drive for that kind of thing anyway so I just don't see its purpose. Please don't hate on me if I have a different opinion then you, this is pretty much a blind experience for me. Other than Libre, the other apps pre-installed were pretty good. I found the Ubuntu software center to be pretty cool. The workspace switcher, although very simple, seemed to be very useful for switching from school/work to home.

So overall, my first impressions of Ubuntu is great. It runs very fast in comparison to what I was doing before. The Chromium browser is great. The apps are pretty good. Just an overall good experience. I have not tried to install any games yet, or really tried to go out of my comfort zone, however I don't think I will have a bad experience with Ubuntu.