Visual Basic 6.0 IDE Help


Few days ago, I receive a task from my computer teacher. The task? Create a Visual Basic program. But not the "new" .Net VB but Visual Basic 6.0. Yes, you read it right. Visual Basic 6.0. My teacher want me to code with a <p>15 year</p> old language. Keep in mind that my school is not underfunded. They just upgrade the entire school computer with a freaking iMac iMacs. Unfortunately,because they outsource the computing class to an independent contractor. The Computer lab still stuck in 2001 (Windows XP).

I consider myself fairy computer literate. And have pretty good comprehension of computer programming (In my opinion). So I asked my teacher if I can write the program in modern language. But the teacher says "No". Because our school computer textbook still stuck in 1999.

In this thread, I don't ask help about VB 6.0 programming and things like that. I'm asking help for finding VB 6.0 IDE (I'm not proficient enough to code the computer without the computer). I have done some goggling and unable to find a proper VB 6.0 IDE. Do any of you know where I can download <em>Legal</em><strong></strong> VB 6.0 IDE?

And No, Microsoft Student program and MSDN is not on the table. My school don't give .edu address and I cant justify spending 300 buck for a single program.

Thank you in advance.

And sorry for bad English.