Playing Angry Birds on Google Glass

Google glass is that thing that everyone is talking about. Yet no one seems to be

asking what, we believe, is the most important question about any new device.

Can You Play Angry Birds on It?

You can.

Well, not right at this moment, but Dekko, an augmented reality startup, is

working on the technology. Dekko CEO, Matt Miesnieks, says that their Dekko

Monkey software can easily be swapped in for angry birds. "The software is in

Beta testing right now," Miesnieks says. "We plan to release our first in-house

game for iOS in about 4-6 weeks."



Of course everyone’s problem with augmented reality as a concept, is that it

is clumsy, gets in the way of things and is not very sleek. Furthermore what

happens when you’re using an augmented reality device and you have to interact

with the real world? Or, worse still, your arm gets tired. Dekko believes they can

solve these problems by building context aware AR apps.

The next burning question is, just how stupid will you look playing angry birds

on your glass? "Input method will use touch-swipe on side of head as normal. No

need to fling your head" Matt clarified.

When it comes to timelines this is what the Dekko man had to say, "I don't know,

until we have hardware to play with, but it’s definitely possible." And, with Angry

Birds being among the most downloaded apps on Google’s Android in 2012, it

better be.