On the industrial outskirts of Paris, far removed from all the glitz, glamour, and tourist traps, David Cage is hard at work on his magnum opus. It’s here, in a nondescript building along a grassy tram line, where the Quantic Dream founder and video game auteur has spent the last two years creating Beyond: Two Souls — a sprawling game for Playstation 3 that aims to blend stunning realism with an emotionally penetrating narrative on life, death, and spirituality.

Since unveiling Beyond at last year’s E3, Quantic Dream has released a handful of images and demo clips, providing a glimpse of the game and its celebrated “full performance capture” technology — a technique that simultaneously captured the voice, movements, and facial expressions of stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. The hyper-realistic teasers evoked reactions of awe and intrigue, but details on Beyond’s gameplay and narrative structure remained somewhat murky until this week, when the company invited a group of journalists to tour its studio. The promise? A closer look at what Cage calls his “most ambitious” project yet.