Acessories/ S4/ and other OEMs

If there were one area that some people may envy Apple users, it would be in the region of 3rd party acessories.

The overwhelming deluge of cases, battery cases, home entertainment equipment, headphones and other items is one of many reasons why people choose to roll with iOS.

Seriously, the 3rd party options are mind boggling!

Then I look at Android as a whole. It's a wasteland in comparison. Looking for cases is a crap shoot at times. Finding compatiable acessories is like going to a store where they only sale One-Size-Fits-All. At times, your only option are items that are simply generic or require wireless options. This at times can be very limiting.

And an excercise in frustration....

Only one Android device in recent times has had the amount of attention to rival Apples 3rd party acessory demand.

The Samsung Galaxy S 3

This phone sold enough units to warrant 3rd party companies to take note of them and make special items for this particular device.

Try visiting just a couple of these websites. Notice the only other companies that warrant top priority besides being labeled "more devices" or such. (Scroll and you'll see the S3 in the front page line-up)

Those are just a few examples, but you see my point.

This brings me to my final point: The S4 and other OEMs. Both launch phones, but the sheer volume that Samsung will sell will garner them the vast support of 3rd party companies.

How many times have you simply been sick of looking at a particular 3rd party item, to only face the disappointment of realizing that its 'Only compatiable with iPhone'?

...........I'll add this here for those who hate plastic but own the S3. I'm reasonably sure this same case will be made available for the S4 as well. It will include NFC support, and be called the KOMMANDANT.