Is It Me or Is the iPhone.....? (Both Apple & Android Users Welcome)


Lets clear the elephant in the room, this is an iPhone discussion and not a hate post. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S2 since launch and am quickly approaching upgrade. Both my wife and I have considered the iPhone for our next phone purchase since it "Just Works" and honestly I am really disappointed in Samsungs plastic approach. While I do love my GS2, I will say that it has issues and lags. But it is not something that I'm really nit picky about like other people. Everywhere I look it seems everyone has an iPhone. The Apple ecosystem is great and the performance of the iPhone is amazing, I've played with my siblings iPhone and my friends so I know how smooth it is. Then I sat one night in class and noticed that myself and only one other person had an Android phone. As I went to look at the iPhone again I realized How Boring of a Phone it really is. I think Samsung is quickly approaching that boring stage with minimal designs as well.

My Question is, Do you Think the iPhone is Boring? Why? Comparing it to other phones both the design and OS look so old. Maybe its just me. Also, what phone do you think looks truly next gen and beautiful, OS skin annd all?