Some philosophical stuff on the digital world

I wanna share some thoughts on how digital applications (I'm using the term application literally, not meaning "app") have evolved and affected our lives. The advantages of that development are obvious in almost all aspects of our lives. But there are a two problems which the digital age has brought along: Low quality standards and lack of convergence. It's 2013 and there still are no common standards on how digital applications should work. Before we had computers things were pretty clear and simple: You took a pen and a sheet of paper, and just wrote. You didn't have to worry whether the pen is compatible with the paper, whether the paper will "crash" and disappear when you attach a large photo to it, whether the lines printed on the paper are too narrow. There were certain unwritten standards of quality and of functionality (such as paper size, paper clip design, document layouts), and you just expected products to work, and to work the way you expected them to. Today, with digital devices and products, that is not the case. Apps crash, pages don't load, WiFi fails, bugs everywhere, websites don't work properly with touch, OSs use completely different UI and interaction principles, compatibility issues, ... the list is endless. These are issues that we got used to, and they were acceptable and only natural when digital technologies were new and only starting to get part of everyday life. But now it's 2013 and we spend so much time with computers of all kinds that I think there should be standards of quality and of functionality, just like there are standards with non-digital stuff. When I open a website or an app, it should just work. When I print a document, it should just work.

Even with high end devices, apps and websites, there are issues everywhere. The Surface is full of bugs, The verge website is only half touch-friendly, games lag, apps crash, IT systems at work cause some kind of problem almost every day, phone reception issues are part of everyday life. Before we had computers, these kinds of issues (issues which keep us from doing what we're doing, that is) were considered inacceptable

So I have a dream. I have a dream, that someday digital devices, apps and other products are considered worth using only if they work and don't keep us from doing stuff.

If that means that products need to be limited in functionality in order to fulfil these standards, then that's fine with me. I prefer limited functionality to limited quality and limited ease of use.