Most of you will get a chance to buy the S600 S4

which countries get which model

So seriously, stop complaining about AOSP and Exynos drivers. S600 variant (i9505) will almost certainly be supported by, among others, Cyanogen himself (who's been doing CM for the S4pro SGS3).

Yes, i9500 will run better under a stock ROM -- better audio, probably better SOC performance/battery -- but i9505 will be a great option for TouchWiz haters.

Let me quote an amusing dev comment from Tuesday:

invisiblek says:

You people here at androidcentral are morons. Team Hacksung != Cyanogenmod. The S4 has a Qualcomm chipset, Hacksung supports exynos (samsung) chipsets. Who do you think supports the us variant S3's (also qualcomm chipset) ? NOT Team Hacksung. Cyanogen, noobnl, mkasick, and several others including myself. Quit getting your panties in a bundle and spreading idiocy just to get hits. This device should get support.