BLU: Why I think you'll hear that word a lot more in the near future.


I have 3 phones to talk about here: The BLU Life One, BLU Life View and BLU Life Play. I'm not a writer or anything and I'm not gonna spend all day in front of this screen so I'm not gonna talk about any of them in depth. (I'll put a link at the bottom to read more)

The Life View is $299, has a 5.7" HD LCD Display, 12MP Main camera/5MP front camera, 1GB RAM, 16GB Expandable Storage and a 2,600MAh battery. (No, there is no catch.)

The Life Play is $229, has a 4.7" HD LCD Display, 8MP Main Camera/2MP Front Camera, 1GB RAM, 4GB Expandable Storage and a 1,800MAh Battery, it's also under 8mm Thick.

The Life One though is the one I really like the look of. It's also $299, has a 5" HD LCD Display, 13MP Main Camera/5MP Front Camera, 1GB RAM, 16GB Expandable Storage and a 2,000MAh Battery.

Oh, they all run Stock Android 4.2, have Quad Core 1.2GHz Cortex A7 Processors, Dual SIM, Illuminated Sensors and they are sold Unlocked for any SIM.

What I really like about these phones is that they are being sold at the price most flagships COULD be sold, without the branding. I already saw that the GS4 costs about $230 to build, but it's being sold at $700 at least. And these aren't made cheaply either, they have aluminium bodies and they're pretty attractive phones too. I'm buying the Life One anyway, (Camera is worse on the Play, Life View is too big.) If I were you I'd buy them too while they're cheap, because with specs like that at a price like that, this company isn't staying small for long. They'll be on Amazon in April.