The Start of Something Big?

Today, Apple released an update to the podcasts app, which introduced bug fixes, among other small fixes and features. However, the most noticeable change for many, was actually the new, refined UI experience and navigation icons. These replace the older, more skeuomorphic design of the previous version, and seem to corroborate previous rumours about Sir Jonathan Ive's newfound influence over human interfaces interaction at Apple. For me at least, this seems like a huge deal, as it almost singlehandedly predicts future software changes to come from Apple's first-party suite of apps on iOS. What do you guys think of the new design influence, and does it get you more excited for the future?!

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Update: Another (recent!) article from MacRumors discussing, to a further extent, the case with Apple's newfound integration between software and hardware design, as well as some other tidbits

Macrumors Article: