Will Android Follow Reader...Possible?


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Earlier today Eric Schimdt said Google will keep Android and Chrome OS separate. You may choose to believe him or not based on what he said earlier about Google Now and the Apple App Store, but I feel like he maybe telling the truth. However, only to make Chrome OS as the main operating system they will support for phones, tablets, and PCs eventually.

Just recently Chome OS started supporting touch input, something that is important on mobile devices. However Chrome apps are not optimized for touch input let alone for even smaller screens on phones. To overcome this, I think Chrome OS will support android apps if that is possible. This would kick start developers to create tablet and PC style apps, something Android has been lacking


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Google de-branded android's app store for something more Google, Something that can be incorporated into Chrome OS much easier than the Android Market. The Chrome Web store may fall to the same fate. It's one place to consume all your content needs such as TV, music, books, apps, etc.

How many times have you heard someone say they would buy a Chromebook if it supported android apps. This would give a reason for consumers to buy a Chromebook and not just say Chrome OS is just a browser since Android apps wouldn't be supported in the Windows or OS X Chrome browser


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By using Chrome OS instead of Android, fragmentation problems are gone. The recent Chrome OS products have no modifications done to the software, something I think Google will not allow. Google gave a chance for the manufactures to push android forward and they failed with uninspiring products and software that just delayed the update process. Its Google's chance to get the ball back in their court and own the OS.


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The co-creator and chief of android is leaving android?! That seems very unusual especially when Andy has done very well with android... But then replace him with the VP of Chrome and apps. Larry page said he wants to streamline Google's products under one cohesive strategy and there is no better way to do it than combining the Google Play store with Chrome OS without Android.