So lag on Android is Real

I figured it out, kinda strage actually.

Android lags, but it's a diffrent type of lag. The lagging between flicking through screens and web browsing after the Jelly Bean update has virtually been fix thanks to "V sync" and a few other enhancements. HOWEVER, that's all native, just like when you pop open the native messaging app. . . no lag. Anything that's native on Android or native from the OEM does not seem to lag.

Go to Play and download an app. After a while opening that app will start to slow down. There's the lag. It will take a sec or two to display info.

So the question is does Android really lag or is it just perception. How can it be fixed??

iOS does the same thing BTW.

One thing is certain the lag on Android is Real. . .especially after having that phone for months. The main reason I believe would be due to the way certain apps are developed but also because Android does not clean up after itself when you uninstall an app. Leaving so much garbage on a phone is bound to slow it down after awhile . . . even make it LAG.