Contract on Verizon is up. Switch to T-Mo and get an N4 or wait for the One or S4?

My contract with Verizon ended last week and I'm considering what to do next. My primary idea, which is currently what I'm going to do without any outside force, is to switch to T-Mobile, buy an unlocked Nexus 4, and get that delicious $30 plan. Even though I like the Nexus a lot because of it's beautiful design (if you don't think it's beautiful, fine, but telling me that won't change anything. It's an opinion thing.), stock Android with quick updates, and smoother user experience, I can't quite get the idea of the S4 out of my mind.

Though it, and touchwiz, might not be nearly as beautiful it's specs keep me thinking about it. With the Nexus 4 I feel like I might be shorting myself with the S4 pro that it has opposed to the Galaxy S4's Exynos 5 octa (although it'll probably be the 600 on Verizon, but still) but considering how long it can take for Verizon to get phones out, as well as updates, I'm not sure I'm willing to wait. The HTC One is still a consideration, but not a likely choice.

Tell me what you think.