Top Reasons to Root/ROM your phone.

I currently have a Nexus 4 running the latest Paranoid Android and FauxKernel, I thought I would show you why I have kept my phone rooted since day one and see if there are any other tweaks out there I have missed.

I'll start with the first thing I use, Slide2Wake, part of FauxKernel. It lets me unlock the phone with a swipe across the locked and turned off screen.

Then, the Paranoid Android tweaks;

Expanded lock-screen widgets by default, useful for seeing all of Dashclock,

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Hiding the clock on the status bar, lets me only have one clock on screen.

Per App controls, lets me use tablet layout on app like Chrome, and lets me blend the status bar into the app, everything looks more cohesive.

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Pie controls, makes use of the whole screen and still lets me control apps, also looks great.


T9 dailer, a feature missing from stock Android.


Quick Toggles, turns the shortcut for settings in stock Android into actual on/off toggles.

Now to Root Specific apps;

GMD Gesture control, lets me go back using just a left swipe, and lets me switch apps with a three finger swipe, like on my Mac.


AdAway, lets me play my games in peace without pop up ads.

Carbon Backup, although this is available without root now, it functions far better with root capabilities.

Some other things FauxKernel lets me do is turn up the vibration (although not like this yet ), changes the screen to be less yellow than it was, and makes the battery last about twice as long as it did.

Can you guys think of any other nice, useful or even just fun features available to only rooted devices?