"Rt is Crippled by Bugs and Glitches!" - Let's list them.

People have been throwing around a lot of hyperbole about how unbearable the experience on Windows RT is. My theory is that a lot of the people making these claims haven't used the OS too much and are going by the overall perception of the OS. With this in mind, I'd kind of like to hear critical remarks from those of us who own the device (specifically the Surface RT).

Now, I know that on your average Surface RT, every now and then you'll have an app that loads slowly (sometimes really slowly), or a significant framerate drop that will take a second or two to resolve. This is why I don't argue with people when they say the device suffers from performance issues (not crippled by them, mind you, as the device is still incredible to use, from my standpoint).

But when I hear people telling me my Surface RT is riddled with bugs and glitches, I just don't know what to think.

These are the specific bugs in the OS that I've experienced (one of which seemed to have been resolved with the first big patch:

  • If touch/type cover is removed while device is waking up/unlocking, the device will occasionally not recognize that the cover is gone, and fails to give you an onscreen keyboard until you reattach/remove cover. (In the comments, it's mentioned that this is fixed. Can anyone attest to this?)
  • Upon unlocking to Start Screen, I am sometimes greeted with a blank gray screen, and have to bring up Start by tapping the capacitive button or using the Start Charm.
  • Picture Password occasionally does not register swipes or taps. Resolved by clicking "back" to the user select screen. (thanks, Firefly7475)
  • Windows Store displaying "You are not connected to the Internet" message. Resolved by clicking "Try Again".
  • IE Ghost Tab / blank tab that cannot be selected. Goes away when IE is closed. (I assume this is exclusive to modern IE). (- thanks, partiallypro)
  • Device occasionally does not wake up. Pressing button on the top of the device will do nothing, and tapping the capacitive button gives the slight vibration feedback, but nothing happens onscreen. The only fix is to do a hard shutdown with the device's power button, and turn back on. This was fixed a while ago, but it's worth listing.

What are we missing?