The HTC One essentially turns me into Gollum.

This is basically what happened in my brain after watching PocketNow's review of the HTC One.

Me: "We don't need a new phone! Our current phone still works great!"

Gollum-me: "But the One is shiny! And new! It is our new precious!"

Me: "We made fun of the design! It still doesn't have a multitasking button! We publicly stated we wouldn't be buying one!"

Gollum-me: "But it is shiny and precious! PRECIOUS! And the reviewers all love it, precious! WE MUST HASES IT!"

Me: "Well, I do like to support HTC, as they generally make good stuff...and I guess there wouldn't be any harm in going to an AT&T store and just looking at one..."

Gollum-me: *snicker*

Me: "What?"

Gollum-me: "Oh, nothing, Precious...nothing at all..."

Okay guys, I think it's finally time to publicly admit that I might have a problem with gadget addiction.