About to sell my iPad mini

I have a first generation iPad, so I knew what to expect from an iPad mini. I like its faster performance, how it was much smaller and lighter, and its gorgeous design.

However I've been very tempted to sell my iPad mini mainly because of two things that happened lately: Atom-based Windows 8 tablets and my friend giving me a mobile battery charger.

My work laptop (an old tablet PC, HP EliteBook 2730p) broke down which led to me trying Atom-based Windows 8 tablets and I came off very impressed, particularly with the ASUS VivoTab. It could run my work applications which are all Windows-based and the active digitiser will come in very useful for meeting up with clients, all in a light tablet form factor transformable into a laptop when I need it. Moreover, it'd do most of the tasks I perform on an iPad mini: I mainly surf the web, use Facebook/Twitter and watch videos. Before we finally reach a “post-PC” world, I find that having an interim device like this to be very versatile.

After some getting used to, I actually find myself liking Windows 8 despite being a self-professed Apple fanboy, and dare I say: iOS is stale in contrast to Windows 8 which has been, in my brief experience with it, every bit as smooth as iOS is, perhaps even better because the iPad mini's A5 sometimes struggle to keep up.

With the mobile battery charger my friend gave me, my iPhone 5 can finally last an entire day even with very heavy use. Previously, I would use my iPad mini more so that I can conserve the battery on my iPhone 5, but this is no longer needed and I find myself just using my iPhone 5 a lot more, since it's so much more convenient to use. I'll be able to turn on hotspot tethering and use my new VivoTab to surf the web should I need to use a tablet, and I'll even save on the extra monthly cost for an additional SIM card in my iPad mini.

One thing though, is that the work apps I rely on are increasingly being ported to iOS. The ironic thing is that in the somewhat near future, the iPad may end up with all/most of the work apps I need optimised for touch, while I have to fiddle with the desktop apps on my tablet PC.

TL;DR: I am considering selling my iPad mini because I am now underutilising it. I should probably sell it off, but I would just like to see if there are any interesting uses of it before I do so.