What do you dislike about your current phone that you want to see improved on your next device?

I currently have a gs2 on sprint, and can upgrade starting July (though I may pay extra to make the jump a bit earlier).

Problems I want corrected on my next device:

- gps issues - Simply put, the gps on the sprint gs2 sucks @ss. It cuts in and out like crazy and is often unusable. I see many new phones use the russia based GLONASS satellite system as a supplement to the US based gps and they can work in tandem to improve accuracy. Something I intend to look out for on my next device.

- DAC quality - yamaha dac on the gs2 is not good, when audio plays you can actually hear some sort of aural distortion and background noise when the sound does not drown it out. Ideally I'd want whatever cowon uses in a phone, but almost anything would be an improvement for me here.

AND... that's it. Nothing fancy, but those are the sorts of day to day items that can gut my usability. (note, these things are a million times more important than being able to wave my hand before the camera to turn a page)