What Must MS Do to Fix Windows 8?

1. It's called Windows. Why doesn't it have windows?

Snap view stinks. Just have a snappable grid to allow multiple windows of apps. Dragging a window should auto-rearrange and/or resize other windows. This would keep the clean look of Windows 8 without losing multiple window functionality and makes it simple for the user since the windows could auto-snap to a grid layout.

2. Get rid of Windows RT.

There's really no point for it to exist. Use Intel's new Atom processors instead of crap like Tegra 3.

3. Merge the desktop and metro mode.

Why are these separate? It makes no sense. It's very disorienting being thrown into a different mode for every different app. Just allow the x86 legacy apps to run in the metro mode and allow the file manager and desktop shortcuts to live on the start menu.

4. Taskbar must come back.

The swipe from left gesture is too easy to trigger on trackpads and on all devices it adds an extra step to see running apps. Bring back the task bar and put the charms bar icons on there instead of having to swipe first.

5. Closing apps should be more intuitive.

I had to look up the drag from middle top gestures and it took a lot more effort than hitting a button. Put a little bookmark like corner item that can be dragged to minimize and dragged more to close.