HTC should be iPhone's biggest competitor, not Samsung

Today I had a chance to try using the new HTC One. And it blew my mind. The hardware screams premium quality, feels super solid, the display is stunning, the OS is blazing fast, and the camera has excellent low-light performance. ( although it sacrifices sharpness to do so)

Now, let me say that even before this new HTC One came out, I had already tried using both the Galaxy S III and the old HTC One X. Even then, I found HTC One X to be superior to Galaxy SIII; it had a much better design, much better display and much better software. The only reason, as you may know, Samsung could sell so many more S3s is because they spent a humongous amount of money on marketing.

Then now, if I compare the new HTC One and Galaxy S4 based on my brief time with the One and the fact that S4 is merely a specced-up S3, HTC One is even more superior to S4 than One X was to S3. S4 is still made of plastic, and while it has a 1080p display, it's an AMOLED display which tends to be less sharp than the One's LCD 3 and has a wildly inaccurate colour saturation. More importantly, S4 is choke full of useless features that Samsung shamelessly market as features that "simplify your life" or "make your life richer, simpler and more fun". HTC One's Blinkfeed, although I haven't used it in real life, seems like a more useful software feature that I will actually bother to use.

So now, let's get to the main topic. As a happy fan of iPhone 5, I would much prefer to have the HTC One to be regarded as a rival phone to my iPhone 5, not Galaxy SIII or SIV. I mean, the only reason Samsung is regarded as Apple's competitor is because of the sales numbers. And yes, I know that in the real world, sales numbers or profits are everything. But if you just look at the products by themselves, HTC One is in my opinion the best Android smartphone out there. THIS is what should be considered as iPhone's competitor, not some kind of cheap-looking plasticky phone choke full of useless features being sold to consumers by Samsung's huge investments in marketing. ( not saying that S3 or S4 is not a great smartphone, just not as great as HTC's)

In simple words, I strongly believe that HTC One is THE Android smartphone that truly deserves to be called Apple's or iPhone's rival. This may sound as if iPhone is a superior product to all others and something all competitors are looking up to, which are not true anymore. But it is still THE smartphone and is always compared against with every new flagship smartphone.

HTC CEO is so right in saying that "Samsung spent money on marketing, not innovation". HTC One is really, in my opinion, a better product than Galaxy S4. However, HTC has spent too little money on marketing as well. I really hope HTC this time succeeds in telling people how great HTC One is and rise to be regarded as the true threat to the iPhone, because the product is really great enough to deserve it.

(no more plastic in an high-end phone!)