The Future of Google and Android

I'm not an expert techie but I just want to ask something.

Could Google stop Android or make it closed-sourced (ACSP)? After all it doesn't bring a lot of money for Google and we all know what happens to things that dont bring revenue (Reader). I mean OEMs can't get angry. Its already make them a shit ton of money, unlike Google.

Now I know Android embedded into Google than Reader, but fewer and fewer people know what Android is (and what the Galaxy is, there I said it).

I feel there will just be a Chrome OS for phone released. Eric Schmidt says it won't but they might be keeping it under wraps.



Motorola handles the hardware and if its good (which it most likely will be), "the cream will rise to the top".

It will be like the Ubuntu phone, tablet, PC sync that Canonical is driving at, only it would incorporate all kind of Google innovations.

Like in this article from SplatF:

"This could range from new sales and distribution techniques to ad-subsidized phones."

Which could be a big thing because subsidized phones unlocked will take power away from telecom operators who are currently using this against users.


Personally I think there are a few things Google should do:

1) Merge Android and Chrome OS and Google TV (in an intuitive way, important) and name it the Google platform (cause the Google name sells)

2) Produce the best hardware (phone, laptop tablets) which we know they can cause now they own Moto and have the guys in Taiwan who did the Pixel.





3) Merge the communication app (which everyone has been waiting for). GChat, Gmail, Hangout, Google+ AND YouTube which is constantly overlooked but is a media communication tool. To make a MULTI-media app (there would be no competition)

4) Make Google Fibre widespread cause it obviously in tandem with "The Google Platform".



(Your TV cable box and internet, what more will you need)

4.5) Make Google wireless to go with Fibre. No need for call/text when you can just chat over the Unified app. And even if they charge is won't be as expensive as current data plans that charge $1.25 MILLION PER GB OF TEXT.


Now you'll use Google services online and physical (Fibre) on your phone, tablet, laptop, TV with a shit load of ads to go with it (LOL, jks).

And they take over the world and watch the MONEY ROLL IN!




1) Android+Chrome OS+Google TV=Google Platform (Good software)

2) Good Hardware (Moto, Taiwan Company)

3) Unified Multimedia App (Gmail, Hangout, G+,YouTube)

4) Expand Google Fibre

4.5) Google Wireless

5) Take over the world

This is an integration driven idea.

What to you think (especially on the Chrome Android merge)?