Apple copying Microsoft... again.

One of the funny things about Apple over the last ten years is, despite all the propaganda about Microsoft "copying the Mac" with the original Windows, Apple's been "embracing and extending" Microsoft ideas -- to great success -- over the last ten years.

A few of the copies haven't succeeded, but for the most part, Apple's big sellers of today are Microsoft product concepts that have been "Apple-fied."

Here are a few of them:

Windows Center --> Apple TV

Windows Mobile Touchscreen Phones --> iOS/iPhone

Windows NT --> Mac OS X

Windows Blade Servers --> Xserve

Microsoft "Simple PC" prototype --> Mac Mini

Toshiba Libretto PC --> MacBook Air

Windows Automated Mirror Backup --> Time Machine

Windows Defender/MSE --> Apple OS X Security

Now I'm reading that the Apple design team is planning to make iOS 7 flatter and simpler. More fields of solid color, less 3D, simpler icons, more "authentically digital." Sound familiar? Here we go again! ;)

It will be funny watching all the Apple folks who bashed Microsoft's simple Modern UI move to praise Apple's version as "revolutionary." I saw a similar thing happen in 2006/2007 when all my Apple friends insisted that the Windows Mobile devices with e-mail and apps "weren't necessary" because they had a RAZR and a PowerBook. Then iOS shipped and "OMG, you can browse the web on your phone and run apps on your PHONE!" ;)

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