Mad about Being Mislead by the HTC One Review

Usually I go to multiple websites for reviews. Theverge used to have to good reviews, so I usually note their opinions on hardware. When it comes to battery life, it takes a while for precise testing results to be released, so I pay close heed to what theverge says about it. Or used to. With their review, they labeled the HTC One as having terrible battery life, also giving it a 5 in that category and labeling it as one of its main cons. However, as precise testing came out, such as that from gsmarena, it has been proven that the HTC One has great battery life. In fact, it has better battery life than the iPhone 5 which theverge loves so much. Even with many others like myself pointing this out to the editors, they have only made a small update to the article where they stand firm with their debasement of the HTC One's battery. It is one thing to say something wrong. But it is another to stand by it for no professional reason. I know some haters will say "if you don't like it, then go read on another website." I've grown fond of theverge, and have liked some of the staff since their engadget days. But after many inconsistently bad articles and reviews, I guess I just find myself at a loss.