The Galaxy S4 launching with android 4.2.2 is a game changer thats being overlooked

just like the GS3 was a game changer when it launched the same phone on all the carriers. This will bring developers to the platform. Look at the software fragmentation of the latest new flagship phones. Xperiz Z is on 4.1.1, HTC ONE is on 4.1.2 and GS4 is on 4.2.2. Its time to get over the unveiling and talk about important stuff thats happening within the android ecosystem. App developers used this as an excuse to not create apps for android. If all the flagship start to launch with the latest android version then we will be in good shape moving forward. We need a spark in the ecosystem. When the android monthly pie chart comes out 4.2 should dominate because of the sale of the nexus devices and GS4.