What was the first Apple product you ever bought?

I'm relatively new to being an Apple user. I've been using Windows (and still do quite frequently) for the better part of the last 15 years, yet within the last year, I've purchased my first iPad, Macbook, and iPhone. As my family would put it, I've "gone to the dark side!" ;)

Since I'm sure most people in this forum have been affiliated with Apple for far longer than I have, I'm simply curious just *how long* that time is, and, if you're willing, *why* you purchased what you did.

I'll start:

September 2010: iPod touch 4rd Gen

I bought my first Apple product on September 15, 2010 out of disappointment in my Zune HD (which, coincidentally, I bought a year earlier to-the-day, on the day that the Zune HD launched). When Microsoft stated that they wouldn't release an SDK/app store for the Zune, I got frustrated and looked into an iPod instead. Besides the App Store, the iPod's Retina Display, more than anything else, won me over.