A Paul Offline App Design for Windows Phone


Not to start this on a downer, but I'm disappointed that I didn't even get a mention in the Verge article about the iOS app. Not cool given the effort I put in.

Edit for credit. Thanks Chris.

moving on then...

After designing then producing all the images and directing every pixel via email for the iOS "Paul" countdown app, I wondered what a Windows Phone "Paul" app would look like. I tracked down some specs/guidelines, did some reading, found some examples... long story short, here's what I came up with. You can click on the images to see clearer versions of them.



A Panorama style app with just two panels. There's a simple counter on the left panel and a list of links to Paul's "Offline" series of articles on the right.



The main feature of this app would be the tiles, the app-proper is almost redundant. The tiles are a major functional advantage over it's iOS counterpart. I designed small and medium sizes with simple information. I can't justify using the double-wide one for this app.



A simple counter that shows only the most relevant unit of time. "Days" gets swapped out for "Hours" etc.



Dark and light themes should be available as well as user Accent Colours for the Live Tiles and circle element around the counter.


I'm not a coder. Something, something, something. Ben Rudolph, if you're out there, I could use a Windows Phone 8 device if you have one spare. That non-coder status might change.