Need help from Windows Phone 8 users in Europe, especially in Italy, to test this app.

Hi everyone,

We've recently launched our new app "Ciel", it's a photo app that let you overlay weather and place information.
The app works fine in Asia and most parts of USA.

However, we've got many complaints and reports from the people in Italy, Portugal and Spain, that the app stuck at the "Locating..." screen that it will makes you wait forever (the process: get the location data (Google API), and then send the location data to the weather web-service to get the weather information).

We don't know yet if the entire Europe cannot connect to the web-service we use, or only in some countries, or only some internet connection based on the particular user.

Please help us test the app by download "Ciel" from the Windows Phone Store, test the app - by select the template from the first page, then let it "locating.."

if it's stuck at the locating... for more than 3 minutes, it's not working.

Please let us know by make a comment whether it's work or not by - tell us your country, if possible, town, carrier, connection mode (3G, LTE, Wifi, EDGE) and the phone model you're using.

Your help would be really really meaningful to us, and we will continue to help make Windows Phone app ecosystem grow stronger.

Thank you very very much,
The Development team at Volevi.


"The locating page"


"Successfully located."