Nexus 4 and Stock are Overrated

Whenever somebody asks for opinions on what phone they should get, regardless of the OP's needs there will always be the "get a nexus" guy.

I get it

I understand why people like nexus devices, pure android, no bloat, quickest to get updated, and usually have decent design. I also understand why people love stock android so much and truth is I would love an HTC One with stock also! that would be awesome! Stock is better than any OEM skin but that doesnt mean that the OEM skins are bad. Skins were horrible in the past but things are changing

Nexus 4 is a device full of compromise

I was set on buying the N4..until it was announced. This has been stated many times but nexus phones are usually very lackluster. The nexus 4 is such a mediocre device, mediocre screen that needs calibration to look normal, mediocre battery life (apparently this got fixed in 4.2) no sd. no removable battery, fragile glass back,mediocre camera, and worst of all.. no lte AND limited storage? I dont get it, you want me to live in the cloud but dont give me the best connection possible? Not only that but offering 16gb (lol at 8gb) for internal storage is just even more severe due to no lte. Yes its still a great value for the price but that doesnt mean thats its anywhere near the ONE or GS4.

Stock android is great but skins aren't as bad as they used to be

So many people keep complaining "why can't they just use stock android?!?!" Get over it, you dont live in a perfect world. OEMs need skins to differentiate their device and have something to market. Besides, stock android is so barebones, Sense 5 brings some cool features and doesnt look as bad as sense 4. Touchwiz may not be your cup of tea with such a colorful theme but aparently millions of people dont mind much, add all those features (yes most are gimmicks) and you've got another alternative. Sonys skin is actually pretty good, close to stock with added features and the same goes for motorola.

The beauty of android is that if you're not happy with what you got, you can change it! I look forward to my HTC One running a sense5 based aokp ROM (with the HTC logo turned into a button)