App idea/ request - shared reading list

I've either got an idea for an app, or a request for one, depending if it exists!

I'd like an app which works like Pocket, a depository for saving articles, videos etc to watch or read later. But I'd like it to be shareable with others. Does anyone know if such functionality exists in any app? It would be a good way of sharing things you think other's would like to read.

I'm basically imagining Pocket, but two or more people can see the same collection. Anyone who has access can add media, and everyone receives notifications that new things have been added. Currently I share articles by email, but it feels clunky. I love how apps like Pocket format media to be easily readable, and collect it in the same place.

The app could be great for couples, friends or colleagues, looking to share things each other would like. It could be great to have read/unread status too, like messaging apps use. It could be used before meetings, providing a list of preparatory reading material for attendees, and being able to check who'd read it.

I was thinking perhaps Evernote shared notebooks might work a bit like this? But I didn't know if they did notifications, and it's not as one-click easy as apps like Pocket are.

By the way, if this isn't the best place to post app ideas, then I'd like suggestions of where else to post it.