Why are you still on your OEMs stock rom?

A lot of posts and comments on the site state their aversion to the OEM skins; Touchwiz, is a huge performance hog and looks like they used skittlesto color over the interface, while Sense and its icons could come right out of a cartoon. But I still am on my OEMs rom/skin, Touchwiz(e) , due to multi window, the ability to drag the status bar from within a fullscreen apps and the pop-up window when wifi is activited, but I don't have any connection. And I just find Touchwiz to be more communicative. So why are you still on your OEMs stock rom/skin?

**I am also on stock because Samsung hasn't properly released their sources and so CM can't make a perfect rom and my rom is stock themed; I use AllianceRom for the n7000