I want to start somewhere within the Android Community.

So, I've been considering on designing for android apps and widgets.

I absolutely love the design of the Android UI (Stock). I personally feel that out of all of the mobile OS' like iOS and Windows Phone, it stands a greater chance of dominating the market.

That being said, my concern for Android is held between the lack of innovative start-ups within the Google Play market compared to the App Store for iOS and this weird stumbling block for tablet integration. I don't know about you, but when it comes to the slightest mistakes like a portrait only-mode and elongated text bars on a 7 inch screen, it boggles my mind. I wanna help, if not develop, than at least conceptually, just as Google encourages with their community driven series' like Android Design in Action and The App Clinic.

My question though, where and how should I start?

What are the best mock-ups to use to I draw up my inspiration? How should I teach myself? Is there a number of community driven forums that I can participate in to get my talent across? Is the Verge one of them? Really, I'm clueless right now, but I'm incredibly ambitious!

If any of you have the slightest idea or even know these things like the back of your hand, please, fill me with your vast knowledge!

I've been greatly anticipating on the announcement of their next line of Nexus devices along with Android 5.0 this upcoming Google IO event--I want to see what they can surely thrill us with next.

I'm a graphic designer and I want to see more come out of the developer community, and I feel that I could help by expanding my knowledge around this topic.