Android handset makers are building their own ecosystem on top of android which was the point

Most of these companies sell more than just phones and they have to connect all their products. Mobile is the future therefore they using the mobile devices to promote their other products. Google own android but they use it to push their google ecosystem. Google+ and google currents cant be uninstall for a reason. Google now is quickly becoming the main feature of android. Samsung is replacing google apps with their S apps because they are building their own ecosystem on top of android. This was the whole point of them using and the other OEM using android in the first place. SONY want you to be use their sony apps then link it with the playstation and to buy their SONY TV. LG does the same thing. Android wasnt designed to look the same. If that was the case google would of treated android like chromeOS. As times go on android will be forked by all these handset makers because they intentions to create a fuller experience for their product. Samsung is selling a lot of accessories with the galaxy S4. ALL those gimmicks are used to sell other products besides the phone. So yeah we love android but google SERVICES is what we truly love. The handset makers skins are terrible but thats another story. They are chinese companies who have to please everyone globally. MIUI ROM shows us what kind of UI that Asians like. Some countries dont allow google services therefore samsung apps are used in place of the google apps