Concept: Optimizing Windows 8 for Mouse

With all the Blue leak hype that hit the Internet today, I started to think about possible ways to add a better solution for mouse users than the sometimes annoying Hot Corners. The whole point of this concept is to help all the desktop userbase to learn the new Metro environment.


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This setup reminds in many ways the Windows 7 taskbar, so the learn curve is much easier this way. The Start Button returns at its known place, with all the opened/pinned apps at it's right, while the clock is at the bottom right. The buttons are responsive depending the app's background color.

Start Button


Clicking the Start button does the same action as the current hot corner (Go to the Start Screen/Go back to the last used app).

Closing apps

To close any app, right click below the app icon, and click "Close". This is valid either if it's the active app or a background one.

I considered the option of putting an additional close icon on the charms, but it could be clicked by accident.

Tray Icons


As default, only the most used icons, like Volume, Brightness and Network/WiFi appear along with the clock. It's customizable anyway.



There were two possible places to move them: the upper right or the bottom right. I chose the former cause for a reason: it's the place some Metro apps are placing the Search icon, like Twitter, so the Charms don't break so much the current UI.

About the order, is done the opposite way as the Charms bar, with the most important one the Search, placed at the corner for an easier and quicker use.

BTW, some UI controls were moved a bit to accomodate the taskbar/charms, or completely removed because redundancy.

Screenshots of some apps:

Internet Explorer


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As you have seen, both the Charms Bar gesture and the Apps History are no longer needed for mouse users.

Those buttons would only appear when a mouse is connected used, otherwise the UI would be the same we know.



On the desktop, the Charms icons don't appear, as they are useless there.

Share Charm


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Charms icons:

Metro App Icons:

So what's your opinion, Verge?