Apple won't bring out an "iWatch"

The mythical iWatch
Apparently, we are now certain of it: Apple is going to bring out an iWatch - this year. And what do we base this on? On some vague rumours. Credible rumours, I'll admit that, but nothing concrete.

Who says it's going to be a watch?
I, in fact, do believe that Apple is working on a device that might resemble something like a so-called iWatch. I do not believe, however, that they are going to call this device the "iWatch".

It will be some sort of wearable computer, and while they might say you can use it as a watch, they won't say it is a watch. No one wants a watch that is identical to the one tens of millions of people have. If you have got a beautiful watch, than it is rare if you bump into someone on the streets and see him or her wearing that exact same watch. A watch is unique.

The name "iWatch" suggests it is a watch with perhaps some other functionality. I think it's going to be the other way around. Apple will say "Look at this, we've got a wearable computer - and oh, by the way, it can also function as a watch."

I believe that the iWatch will be almost anything but a watch.

Apple won't bring out an iWatch, they will bring out a wearable computer.

Your thoughts?