Nexus 4 Experience on Verizon Galaxy Nexus?

In general, the Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus are very similar devices. They look similar, run the same software, and are supported the same by Google. However, as I continue to use my aging Verizon Galaxy Nexus, I am reminded of the biggest difference between the two devices - performance. The Galaxy Nexus does lag a bit, and, while I understand that the older hardware in the Galaxy Nexus would make Nexus 4-like performance impossible, I was wondering what ROM/Kernel/Mod combinations other Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners have tried. I feel like I've tried every ROM, but if there are any that I'm missing, please inform me. I'm looking for top-notch performance, and nothing else. So, Galaxy Nexus-owning Vergeins, how can I get the most buttery-smooth experience possible on my phone?