cant select an ultrabook

i'm using hp probook i need is an ultrabook with low budget.i need a machine in around 500 are the things i require

a.Corei3 3rd gen ultrabook.(i stick to corei3 because i5 wil be expensive and i believe that it'll produce excessive heat and might be having less battery timing and if i'm wrog about heat and battery timing,i might consider it)

b.12-14".not above.

c.light weight (below 2kg.)

d.with win8


.i generally prefer hp over dell's design but i think all hp ultrabok's are expensive(around 1000doll),we've got no particular place to check prices and models in pakistan so thats what i got from local websites.only ultrabook available in market was sleekbok and i hated that design.please suggest some low price /hp ultrabook and if somebody knows when 4th gen intel is coming,please do mention.thanks in advance!