Microsoft's Next Small Tablet. Let's Discuss.

So if Microsoft releases the Surface Mini (or x-box mini or both) what do you think the price, and features should be. This is going to be a difficult product for MS even more then the Surface RT to sell and that is why they should try a little different strategy.

Microsoft needs to and I think will compete with the iPad mini. In them doing this they have to play the cards right. Most importantly they MUST use VaporMG. I don't care about what they do with bevels and what not but they need a nice feeling device. Next they have to price it right and handle the storage deal correctly. They will need to have 16 gigs of storage left after the OS is installed. They should definitely go Qualcomm as the RT tablets with Qualcomm chips (samsung ativ tab rt) have been much more reliable and have better battery life. Plus, Qualcomm is much more committed to the mobile chip space. I think a SnapDragon 800 would be great but most likely going to end up with the 600. The rest of the tablet will be de facto tablet material, 1-2 gigs of ram, and regular set of sensors. If they could have GPS on it, I would be really happy.

These next two paragraphs are saved for the more controversial part of the specs, Aspect Ratio and Pricing (though the processor could be controversial). The aspect ration I think should be 16:9 but I am biased with my experience with the Surface RT. I love it in Portarait mode. From reading the Verge, e-mail, and PDF reading I love it. For this reason I would actually like a 16:9 seven inch tablet but I would love to see your reasons for any other ratio. Now on to the pricing.

MS should not lower the build quality, period. They should sell this anywhere under 300$ to compete with the iPad mini not the Nexus 7. As of now 7 inch tablets are for purely consumption and though the app situation is getting better, (at least it has a first-party Twitter app) it will not, anytime soon, compete with the other ecosystems. It has a great browser, free music streaming, and a good-looking OS (needs some optimization) but for consumption device you still need apps. I propose that they make this a good option for work as well. Get rid of the desktop but provide a version of Office. This could be a redesigned Office RT for Modern UI or a much better version of the WP office. Also, most importantly they should include a Wedge Keyboard. This will be able to justify the higher price point and can only cost them 20$ to manufacture. I bought this keyboard for a tablet that's touchscreen broke and love it. I use it now with every tablet and the stand/keyboard-cover thing is awesome and can make any tablet 10x times better. my friend who was on the search for a good keyboard for his iPad 4 is now considering this as his top choice.

Anyways these are my thoughts, I would love to see a good discussion and I will actively participate as well.

TL;DR: What do you think MS should do for the smaller tablet?