HTC's new ads

I'm finally seeing some web ads for the HTC One. One of them emphasized the metal body, but then concluded with the catchphrase "Everything your phone isn't (TM)".

That phrase just strikes me the wrong way though. I like HTC, and I'm glad they're advertising, but that phrase just seems haughty and arrogant, and it just leaves a bad impression IMO.

If HTC just said the One was "The best phone of 2013", for example, it isn't really offensive. It's boastful and not necessarily true and might inflame some fanboys, but we're used to this kind of stuff in advertising, and it's extremely widespread.

"Everything your phone isn't" is just straight up insulting the audience by telling them your phone sucks. If I walked up to you and told you your shirt/car/house/phone sucks and that you should get a new one, wouldn't you get offended? That's exactly what HTC's doing.

It's great they're finally putting money into advertising, but I don't think that's how they should be doing it.

Any thoughts?