Just sold my iPhone 5 to switch to Lumia 920 (will return iPad for Surface RT)

Hi folks!

I'm from New Zealand and I've been an apple fan for 3-4 years.

I'm currently using the iPhone 5, iPad 4, MBA 2011 and apple TV(3rd gen).

I always want to try new devices and if it's worth it I buy it. Every product from Apple is very well-made and especially the design is amazing. Never felt flimsy like any other phones and looks like iconic at the moment. So Microsoft came back with WP8 and Windows 8 but it wasn't really appealing as I've been already settled down in Apple ecosystem.

I, however, decided to give a try to WP8 and Windows 8. I used to own Lumia 800, LG Quantum and Samsung Omnia. I really enjoyed the WP UI and the smoothness and fluidity.

I'm going to buy a Lumia 920 (It was very hard to decide between 8X and Lumia 920) and a Surface RT (as Pro is not available in NZ at the moment).

Before I purchase these devices, I have some questions!

1. Can RT replace my MBA as a laptop? (If can't, should I just install W8 on my MBA or sell it and get a W8 laptop?)

2. What are the recommended (sync able between WP8 and W8) apps? (I often read PDF files, play some casual games (Only game I will be missing is Real Racing 3 T.T), watch youtube, listen to podcasts and read News)

3. How's the battery life of Lumia 920 and Surface RT? (Compared to iPhone 5 and iPad 4. iPhone 5 lasts about 20 hours with 6 hours screen on time and iPad 4 lasts.....pretty long about 2-3 days per charge)

Is it a wise move? Am I doing wrong?

But I'm fascinated by the new interface (Metro) and I kinda get bored of iOS..