Functionality is more important than facelift of iOS7 !

I don’t want a facelift, it’s welcome though. But more importantly, we need more functionality from iOS. At this current state it feels stagnated. I want to have access to my documents stored in the device easily rather than being in silos jumping from one application to another to locate them, it’s plain stupid. For example, the only possible format to attach right from mail client is either photos or videos, Seriously ?

What about PDFs and other document formats? Yes, you can not do this trivial task without quitting the E-mail client and searching for the app that has the file to send it in a sperate email! Hey man IT JUST WORKS!!! I think they can do what they did to photos and creates another app to store all documents/other formats so you can access them from anywhere, and still sandboxed. But at this state it’s just stupid how it’s handled. I don’t care about design, it’s beautiful and crafted with incredible attention to details. More polishing and gesture based refinements are very going this addition in a sperate reply.

One more thing I observed while using iBooks. Let’s assume that this application is where all docs/PDFs are stored. There is no way to share (email, as it is the only way to share in iOS !!) multiple documents in one time right from the app itself!! WHAT? I couldn’t see more stupidity than this.

iOS is smooth and stable as hell. But this is really annoying me in my everyday usage.