Mac Mini for light gaming?

Hi all,

I currently, having sold my iMac, use a 2009 Macbook Pro for some photography work (Photoshop, Lightroom etc.) but have recently started getting into a little light gaming, mainly thanks to Steam (I racked up hours of Binding of Isaac time over the weekend).

I've been considering picking up a new Mac again. Something to give me a bit more power for photography stuff, but also to play some decent, but maybe lightweight games (WoW, Team Fortress etc. along with the indie Steam stuff). I've been considering a Mac Mini as a cheap alternative to an iMac (cheap in relative terms of course).

I've heard, however, that the integrated graphics card on the current Mini is pretty dire for anything like the above. Is this true? Am I better off avoiding the Mini for any kind of gaming?

Thanks for your thoughts everyone!