Note III rumor and Samsung news/rumor on 25th, Monday

Note III rumor (Asian Economy article in Korean)

Summary: According to the source in the industry, Samsung may adopt "plastic OLED" technology for Note III slated for September unveil. The plastic OLED utilizes plastic film instead of glass panel. The adoption of the plastic OLED would be the first stage endeavor toward the phone with complete flexible OLED display. Without glass, the phone's display part could be much lighter, much thinner and unbreakable. Samsung is currently working hard to put the mentioned unbreakable plastic OLED to full HD level before September unveil of Note III. LG is also said to be working on the exactly same display product currently.

Comment: If it's true, no more broken glass and more room for bigger battery.

News 1 (inews24 article in Korean)

Summary: Samsung held a ground-breaking ceremony for the another handset plant in Vietnam. Estimated investment would be $2 billion and it's supposed to start the operation toward the end of this year. The handset plant will reach the production capacity of about 120 million phones yearly till 2015.

Comment: The production capacity of Samsung's existing handset plant in Vietnam is same with the new plant, 120 mil/year. It's known that Samsung makes about 400 million phones for a year. The plant is likely to manufacture phones for the second-tier market.

News 2 (MK news article in Korean)

Summary: Incase, known as the first official accessory maker under license from Apple, has made a deal with Samsung to make accessories for Samsung gadgets. Incase has made Apple accessories only so far. Starting with the accessories for Galaxy S 4, Incase will make various accessories for Samsung mobile products in the future.

Off-topic rumor (Digital Daily article in Korean)

Summary: Nvidia and Samsung(precisely, system LSI wing in Device Solution division of Samsung) made an interim contract regarding GTX 600-series GPUs(codename: Kepler) foundry manufacturing at 28 nm process. Suffered from TSMC's low yield at the below-30nm for long(unlike TSMC's big talk, it's known as below 40% at best actually), Nvidia is testing Samsung's capability and wants to finalize the contract if Samsung shows good yield rate around 85% in months.

Comment: It's said the yield rate from the pilot line was around 20% which is very good considering usual pilot yield rate is below 10%. Though Nvidia is speaking of above 80% range, they will probably make a full contract just with 60% yield rate considering TSMC's struggle with low yield because, surprisingly, TSMC is paid for wafer units, not for the exact successful yield. It means Nvidia is wasting money on TSMC.