ipad or nexus 7 or rather google play or itunes store in the indian subcontinent

well i was going through a lot of reviews( textual and visual) on deciding whether to buy an ipad mini or a nexus 7.but the problem is that most reviews are from US based sites and that's a major drawback for someone like me living in new delhi. i do not have the option of selecting those many apps because google play gives me an obdurate reply that" THIS SHIT(OPTION) IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY" . that really sucks. and although there is always piracy to help me out but somethings are worth buying from an app store rather than downloading from piratebay. and the problem with itunes store is it seems really expensive to me. moreover if we remove the" app store situation" from the picture , i would anyday go for a nexus 7 over an ipad mini. after taking all these factors into consideration, i would like some suggestions on which device to buy.