Recommend a BluRay Player

I used to own a PS3 and I've had an Apple TV for some time now.

Though I've recently gotten a much bigger and better display. A BenQ 1080p projector that's projecting at 80 inches with a Yamaha 5.1 surround sound receiver. I'm cool with streaming Netflix for TV shows and stuff like that but I'm realizing that I really want high bitrate video and lossless audio blurays for movie watching on this set up.

I don't own an iPhone or an iPad anymore so I see little point in having an Apple TV alongside a BluRay player. I'd rather get a BluRay player that satisfies what I do on Apple TV.

So what I'd like is a BluRay player with Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube. That's easy. But what I'm having trouble finding is a player that will stream my other videos (mostly TV shows) and music collection from my NAS. Mostly in Mp4 now a days but I have a FLAC collection and some shows in MKV and xvid.

After researching it would seem the best BluRay player that has those streaming apps and will stream multiple formats would be the PS3 with PS3 media server. I just wanted to confirm this to be true.

I looked at Samsung Players with Plex support and I've seen mixed reviews for the player itself.