Problems with Windows Store Apps

I have been observing that the windows store apps are taking too long to open up/load. Its very irritating which makes me never use the store apps on my laptop. This is happening to everyone i guess. all my friends have Windows 8 here and no one uses the store apps at all, they are just not interested because of the number of crashes and load times. The Store app crashes the most. Is this only me, or happens to everyone

There are many good apps like MTV News and stuff, but the it takes insanely long load time.

Dropbox app sucks. No official Facebook app. Twitter is good.

I really have a problem with the mail client, no folders and many mails which is send, are never really sent!

So after all I use the browser or the traditional windows softwares to get all of my work done and my start screen is always idle and I go days without using the store apps.

I really like the Metro-style, but the performance of the apps doesn't really help, atleast on Windows-7 gen Laptops.